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Dr.Song Lecture Series

Inservice for nursing home staff, Grand Round talk & Seminar for medical professionals

Frailty : Assessment and Management

overview and discussion on frailty assessment and management. This lecture was given at the Annual meeting of Seoul National University College of Medicine Alumni Association in Washington D.C,


Hospice Quiz

discussion on hospice eligibility and referral process in nursing home setting. Emphasized on social, psychological, spritual aspects of care that the hospice multidisciplinary teams can provide the patients/families with terminal illness.


Omicron variant & COVID-19 Booster shots

discussion on unprecedented COVID-19 surge due to Omicron variant and how to fight Omicron. Reviewed the research data from Israeli study regarding natural immunity, immunity from vaccination, and hybrid immunity . Cocluded that currently authorized COVID-19 vaccines are highly effective and safe and recommended staff to get boosted with one of them.


Vaccinate with Confidence : COVID-19 Vaccine

Reviewed updated scientific information about COVID-19 vaccines and discussed misinformation and anti-vaccine movement & vaccine conspiracies. Supported staff to make their vaccination decision.


COVID-19 Vaccine update : Our Compassion & Choices against Pandemic

discussion on the 2nd surge of COVID-19 in US and review on a new m-RNA vaccine and its efficacy and safety. discussed on herd immunity and provided decision making guidance on vaccination and encouraged staff to receive the vaccine as a way to show compassion to others.


COVID-19 & Influenza : Concern and Hope about 2nd Wave

reviewed current data regarding COVID-19, background data on Influenza and efficacy of flu vaccine , discussed concern and hope about possible COVID-19 2nd wave this fall/winder. emphasized the importance of flu vaccine and non-pharmacological interventions as solution to both epidemic. encouraged staff to continue infection control measures at nursing home to protect vulnerable residents.


COVID-19 Outbreak Control : Management of COVID-19 Cases

discussion on COVID-19 outbreak in NH, why it happens so widely, COVID-19 fatality rate in NH population, how to control outbreak in terms of infection control as well as medical treatment for individual patient care


COVID-19 update : SNF/LTC facilities implication

overview on noval coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic, severity and risk factors of COVID-19, symptoms, issues on testing, potential treatment, mitigation strategy, self protection , proper PPE use


Save Nursing Homes from UTI Attack!

discussion on burdens of UTI in NH, recognition of asymptomatic bacteriuria(ASBU), hazards of unnessary antibiotic treamtent of ASBU, developing a care plan for suspected UTI by using SBAR.



overview on delirium : definition, etiologies, risk factors, impact & outcomes, screening tools, treatment and prevention.


Falls Prevention for Residents with Dementia

discussion on falls in people with dementia, why higher falls with dementia, unsafe behaviors as falls risk in dementic patients, behavioral interventions , redirection techniques, video cases.


Falls Management Program

discussion on falls in nursing homes, its consequences, fall risk factors, fall prevention interventions, low blood pressure precaution, get up to go test as fall screening tool, overview on FMP (fall management program)

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