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Health care professional development: Working as a team to improve patient care

Amir Babiker,(1)(2)*Maha El Husseini,(3)*Abdurrahman Al Nemri,(1)(2)Abdurrahman Al Frayh,(1)Nasir Al Juryyan,(1)Mohamed O Faki,(1)(2)Asaad Assiri,(1)(4)Muslim Al Saadi,(1)Farheen Shaikh,(5) and Fahad Al Zamil(1)(6)


In delivering health care, an effective teamwork can immediately and positively affect patient safety and outcome. The need for effective teams is increasing due to increasing co-morbidities and increasing complexity of specialization of care. Time has gone when a doctor or a dentist or any other health practitioner in whatsoever health organization would be able to solely deliver a quality care that satisfies his or her patients. The evolution in health care and a global demand for quality patient care necessitate a parallel health care professional development with a great focus on patient centred teamwork approach. This can only be achieved by placing the patient in the centre of care and through sharing a wide based culture of values and principles. This will help forming and developing an effective team able to deliver exceptional care to the patients. Aiming towards this goal, motivation of team members should be backed by strategies and practical skills in order to achieve goals and overcome challenges. This article highlights values and principles of working as a team and principles and provides team players with a practical approach to deliver quality patient care.

Keywords: Teamwork, Health organization, Quality care, Effective team, Communication

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