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My leadership philosophy & styles

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

My leadership philosophy is based on my values of excellence, integrity, diversity, and inclusion.

I pursue excellence by consistently making efforts to improve the organization. My leadership role is to inspire people to move forward continuously and ask questions such as “How can we make that better?” Moreover, by leading with accountability, commitment, morals, self-discipline and competency, my goal is to strengthen the integrity of the organization. Through these I aim to focus my organization on what matters most - Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace that brings about innovation and excellence.

1) Background

Most health organizations provide care for an increasing number of vulnerable old adults. As they are more dependent, it is more important the organizations stand out for excellence and integrity. Care team members should be committed and accountable for best care.

Moreover, as more immigrant workers and patients interact with the healthcare industry, it is ever so crucial that we create a diverse and inclusive workplace. These efforts encouraging diversity will lead to innovation and excellence.

2) My Leadership styles

My leadership style to achieve these results is inspiration with purpose and value, creating healthy alliance, coaching, mentoring, team building and empowerment.

Inspiration with purpose and value : I believe excellence can be pursued with a positive

outcome only when everyone shares values and purpose in the organizational mission. A great leader should act on the core values of the organization and inspire people to pursue it with a passion.

Creating Healthy alliance, team building, coaching and mentoring : As a physician working in various health care organizations, I have seen an increased number of patients from diverse communities.In order to serve them, I realized that every member of the team is a crucial part of the system. I also believe that having a healthy relationship between team members is critical. Once you build healthy alliances with others, they will be willing to help you on a personal level as well as an organizational level. Coaching or mentoring people is the best way to promote connection and help others to develop leadership qualities.

Empowerment : I believe a great leader should value each employee. Effective leaders should provide team members with the resources and create the conditions that allow them to develop the power they need to do their jobs. This empowerment will have them engaged with their full potential, energy, passion and creativity.

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