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COVID-19: Malpractice Risks When Treating Patients

As if the COVID-19 crisis isn't terrible enough, there are some attorneys who are willing to make it worse for physicians.

At least one national plaintiff attorney malpractice firm has been advising the public to be on the lookout for certain types of medical negligence that could occur during this crisis and that might be grounds for making a claim:

  • Alleged failures of hospitals to prepare for and respond appropriately and timely to coronavirus patients;

  • The negligent failure of hospitals and other healthcare providers to timely diagnose the coronavirus in patients;

  • The negligent failure to take appropriate precautions to prevent or limit the exposure to and spread of coronavirus among patients not infected;

  • The negligent failure to timely and appropriately treat coronavirus patients; and

  • Negligent failures that result in the delay of unrelated treatments and procedures that cause harm to patients.

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