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The pandemic’s not over, and the overdose epidemic is getting worse

Nearly 72,000 Americans died from a drug-related overdose last year and reports from more than 40 states [insert link] show increasing concerns about the overdose epidemic become worse.

New research, however, supports and reinforces necessary steps the AMA believes that must be taken to end the overdose epidemic.

These include:

  • Patients are undeniably harmed by health insurance companies that use prior authorization (PA), have inadequate networks and pose other barriers to treatment for opioid-use disorder (OUD).

  • Policies that restrict prescribing of controlled substances may unintentionally harm patients with pain.

  • Incarcerated persons need much greater access to evidence-based medications in jails and prisons to treat addiction.

  • Harm-reduction strategies, including sterile needle exchange, are necessary to help protect against the spread of infectious disease.

  • The drug overdose epidemic is not monolithic. Solutions must consider the unique experiences of individual communities and racial, ethnic, gender and other demographic profiles.

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